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Artists that inspire me

As an artist I love to find inspiration in a wide range of places - one of the main sources for me is the work of other artists. This is also a fantastic way for me to develop as an artist as I watch so many tutorials from many of these artists as well as subscribing to several of their patreon channels (if anyone is looking to develop their art then patreon is an amazing resource). Here are the artists that really inspire me and help me to develop as an artist.

Bonny Snowdon

I owe an awful lot to Bonny. She has the most fantastic and active patreon channel as well as several active facebook groups. She is always happy to help and support you - plus she creates the most beautiful tutorials. Bonny creates beautiful pet portraits in coloured pencils.

Art by Rhia

Another fantastic coloured pencil artist and one that I have folowed for quite a few years, Rhia is well known for her equestrian artworks. Another tutorial and content creator on Youtube and patreon I find her videos on the business of art particularly helpful.

Bethany Vere

Bethany is another equestrian artist who has created works for the likes of Charlotte Dujardin and the gorgeous Valegro. Bethany also works in coloured pencils and has a fantastic Youtube and patreon channel. I am a new subscriber to both but really enjoying the content so far and finding the videos incredibly interested and helpful.

Jessica Lennox

Jessica is another coloured pencil artist (noticing a theme here?!) who I have been following for a while. She creates the most beautifully detailed wildlife drawings. I very much aspire to be as good as Jessica in the future as she particularly creates the type of artwork that I like. I also like to follow her for inspiration for my business as she particularly focuses on attending shows and fairs which is something I am looking to do - once these are up and running again.

Jackie Morris

Now for something a little different! Jackie Morris is an artist and author who I have followed for many years and I have always been a huge fan of her unique 'fairytale' style. I was lucky enough to be a part of Blackwell book's an evening with Jackie Morris recently (via Zoom of course) and be able to find out more about her art and work - it was a very interesting evening!


Finally is an artist who I only discovered recently. Liselle-Fae creates the most stunning and colourful watercolour animal artworks. These is a medium and style I have always loved the look of and since following Liselle-Fae I feel really inspired to give it a go!

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