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Behind the scenes of life as an artist

When I tell people that I am a professional artist people will often say to me "It must be lovely to be able to draw all day," to which I respond, "yes I can imagine that would be lovely."

One thing that really suprised me when I went from being a hobby artist to having art as a career for me is how much less time I am able to spend doing art. For instance it is now 2.28pm and I have yet to pick up a pencil today! Here is a rundown of my day so far...

4.00am - Get woken up by the cat wanting his breakfast, feed cat and get back into bed

4.15am - Can't get back to sleep so read emails and watch art videos on youtube (fell asleep around 5am).

7.20am - Wake up just before my alarm, get dressed, feed all the pets and make breakfast.

8.00am - Eat breakfast while responding to emails and social media.

8.30am - Walk the dog.

9.30am - Turn on the laptop and sit down at my desk to draw. Write schedule for the week, update paperwork and documents on laptop.

10.15am - Laptop starts playing up and freezing, spend 30 minutes trying to mend it before eventually accepting that its going to go at the speed of treacle no matter what I do.

10.45am - Order mount boards and cellophane bags for drawings and have a minor panic at spending the money.

11.00am - take the dog to the vets (she is fine, just a check up!).

12.00pm - Housework, then have some lunch.

1.30pm - Put a new listing onto Etsy (oh yes - I have an ETSY STORE now!).

2.00pm - Feed cat again and turn laptop back on, remember the laptop is now moving at a snail's pace - post on social media while I wait for it to load up.

2.28pm - 28 minutes later, finally loads my blog so I can start writing!

So, ok, this isn't a typical day but you get the picture - I certainly don't get to spend a much time drawing and creating as I would like. This is why I make a point of really enjoying the time I do get to draw. People also ask me why I have so many artworks on the go at the same time (I usually have two commissions, an original and a tutorial all on the boards at once) and the reason I do it is to stop frustration. As soon as the one I am currently woring on starts to frustrate me and not go to plan I swap to another piece and everything has changed and all is calm again!

This single idea has definitely helped me and is on tip I woud like to pass on to anyone who is struggling...

Thanks for reading, I hope this post has helped any new (like me) or future artists. Let me know if there are any aspects of my journey from hobby artist to full time artist you would like to read and I will see you all soon!

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