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"Best of Friends" - raising funds for Brooke!

I am so excited to show you all the lovely prints of "Best of Friends" that have now arrived! They look perfect and I am so pleased with them. These are now for sale for £30 mounted (plus p&p) and 20% of every sale will be donated to Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys. They are printed on recycled paper and measure 12x10 inches in total. Please send me a message if you are interested in purchasing one - as I am still setting up the shop on my website!

This has actually been quite a hard week for me - I haven't been feeling well all week and have struggled getting my head into the artwork and concentrating. I started to struggle with the commissions I was working on and it knocked my confidence quite a bit. I'm lucky to be a member of some super supportive art groups and the lovely people on here really gave me a boost. I have taken a little break from my commissions for a few days and started work on a gorgeous puffin. It is so great to use some really bright colours and to create a smooth texture - neither of which I usually get much chance to do!

I was also really cheered up when I received my wonderful goody bag from Brooke! I think Bubsy likes it too!

I am hoping to finish my puffin (which I have called "The Clown") in the next few days and this afternoon I will be working on a couple of secret commissions. I am glad that I am feeling better and looking forward to getting back to normal. Being self-employed it is really important to try and stop slumps from getting me down and effecting my work - but I still find this very difficult to do! I will write a post about this topic soon. There is also a guest post coming up soon - so watch this space!

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