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Chilled weekend and a busy week!

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. I had a lovely weekend here at Megan Elizabeth HQ. Firstly on friday was my competition draw to win the #1 limited edition print of Timothy rabbit - this was so exciting, my first competiton and my first time using facebook live (quite nerve wracking!). I had over 100 entries which was fantastic and a huge thank you to everyone who supported me. The winner was chosen at random, congratulations to Sarah Hutton, who was absolutely thrilled to win and her print is now on the way. I am looking forward to seeing photos of it up in her house.

I had a super chilled this weekend, very much needed after a few crazy busy weeks. We took the dog on a lovely walk both days (it was a little rainy so no photos this time) and continued to explore the local area. The rest of the weekend was spent reading, gaming and doing crafts. I love to craft while Scott plays games on the TV and I started a new knitting project for a lovely stripy cowl. I also have a spinning wheel that has been sadly neglected so I spent a bit of time tidying it up and doing a bit of spinning!

I also got some new fish for my fish tank on Sunday and spent plenty of time watching them - there is something very calming about an aquarium don't you think? I got a few danios to mix with my existing ones, and a small shoal of glowlight tetra. They look beautiful but are very difficult to photograph!

As I have mentioned before I love horror and anything scary, so in the evenings, Scott and I started playing resident evil 4 from the start (ready for the remake), it's not one of my favourites despite being hugely popular but I am really enjoying it so far.

As for this week it has been so busy already and it is only Monday! I received two bits of good news this week. Firstly I have had a nice tax refund which has come at the perfect time and I will be using this to buy stock ready for doing some shows and stalls once life gets a bit more back to normal! The second is that I have been offered my old job back part time (for anyone that doesn't know I was being made redundant which gave me the kick up the butt to launch my business). I am going back part time which is great as it gives me a little income while I build up my art business. Plus I missed my job and I enjoy it so winning all round!

I finished my cow today - I absolutely love it. I was planning on selling the original however I now think this one will be staying with me! I have uploaded the image into Redbubble for people to buy and I will be selling prints and other items. I just can't bear to part with the drawing...

One last exciting thing - I officially registered my business with HMRC yesterday so it is all real and official now! Exciting and scary times...

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