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Cows and funny faces...

Just a quick update today as I have been really busy today!

I have nearly finished my second secret commission this week. I believe it is being gifted at the end of the month so hopefully it won't be too long before I can share it with you all. I fancied a bit of a change this afternoon for an hour or so, so I started working on a gorgeous cow photo that I saved some time ago to draw.

I love drawing strange perspectives and funny animal drawings - I hope to make enough to have these as a "funny faces" set.

Some pieces really make you fall in love and I was in love with this one straight away and loving the drawing. I was going to sell it and take some prints but I have a feeling the original will be staying with me!

I will work a bit more on it tomorrow and will be finishing the commission. Then I have an exciting plan for my next work. I have a few more secret commissions soon so to go alongside them I am going to have a go at something new - people! I have never been any good at ddrawing people but it's something that I really want to be able to do. I have always been hugely interested in Japanese culture and history and was really inspired to have a go at drawing a geisha. I think this will be a good introduction into drawing people as it removes the human skin colour aspect that is so challenging.

Here is the photo I am hoping to use (from unsplash).

Let me know what you think?! I am looking forward to sharing progress.

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