• Megan Elizabeth

Exciting announcement!

*Insert your own fanfare music here*

I am so happy to announce the launch of my brand new website! I have been working on this for the last few days and I am now really excited to launch my site. This will now act as a hub for my commission information, blog, Etsy and Redbubble stores as well as a gallery of my recent work.

I am hoping that in the next few months (in time for Christmas!) the Etsy and Redbubble links will be replaced by my very own webstore. At the moment I am just building up a supply of prints, homeware and gifts ready to sell through my website and at local shows and craft fairs (once these are being held again). I received these super cute postcards of my cow design - now named "Nosy Cow" - and I absolutely love them!

Thank you for reading and for checking out my website - I would love to know what you think.

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