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Finding inspiration from what's around me

I love to be outside in nature and exploring the countryside. I am sure this comes from my upbringing, I had an outdoor childhood of horses, dogs, bikes, fishing and walking. It is something I have always enjoyed and try to enjoy as much as possible.

We are lucky where we live as we have some terrific beauty spots and country parks right on our doorstep - Dove Stone Reservior being a particular favourite of mine. Having the dog also helps - she enforces walking and she loves to be out in nature (she isn't keen on treading the pavement around our house).

Yesterday was a very sunny bank holiday so Scott, Jess and I headed out into the countryside for a walk. We stopped at a local country park, walked down to the river so Jess could have a paddle - she loves water but doesn't like to swim! We explored the local village, found some stunning scenery then made friends with a beautiful Highland Cow (I felt very inspired to draw one after this - so watch this space...).

Not only is getting out into the fresh air really useful for finding inspiration for future artwork it is also so important for your wellbeing and mental health. Being mindful in nature just for a few minutes helps to relax me and puts me in a much better space for being creative. Add to this the obvious benefits of getting some exercise and sunshine and you're onto a winner.

I aim to get much more walking in this year, to really explore the area and find lots of inspiration for drawings and creativity so do keep an eye out for further walks and ramblings.

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