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Getting into the headspace for art

Sometimes this isn't easy to do. This last week for me has been really challenging. I started working part time again at my old job and it has been really difficult to get back into the swing of it - especially with all the changes at the moment due to covid-19. I won't lie, it's really tiring at the moment and it is an active role too. This affects all areas of my life - especially my art. It is very difficult to get the motivation to get the work done when you are tired and as it is a creative activity I am also scared of making mistakes when I am tired and stressed.

So today I thought I would share a few strategies I try and use to get back into the headspace to get some work done! Hopefully these will help if you are feeling the same.

  1. Just pushing through

This is what I end up using more often. I just pick up my pencil, stick something on the tv (usually YouTube - I watch an awful lot of YouTube!) and try and work through it. It takes a little while and what I am creating doesn't look great to start with but I keep going and adding layers and get into it and really start enjoying the work, which makes me feel so much better! This is what I have been doing this week!

2. Take a break

Sometimes it just isnt possible to push through - not feeling well or just can't get unstuck. So for me I like to take a break if I feel like this. I go for a walk with the dog, do some yoga or read a book for a while. Something to take your mind off whatever is causing the stress and that will calm you down.

3. Work on something different

If I am feeling anxious about a particular piece of work, especially a commission, I spend a bit of time working on something else. Whether this is an original piece for me to sell or make products from or something just for me. I also love to do some tutorials online. As an artist I am always learning and developing my skills and I love to follow tutorials from established artists (I follow a few on Patreon) to learn new things or work on aspects I find difficult. A word of warning here though to think about the tutorial you are doing in your current mood - if you are feeling stressed then working on a tutorial for something that you have been struggling with will likely cause even more frustration!

4. Self care

At any point that you are feeling low or anxious it is super important to take extra care of yourself in whatever form that takes. Having a hot bath, doing exercise, tidying your space or just making sure you get enough sleep. It is easy when you are self employed to let other things slip when things are difficult. So getting things sorted will really help to get back into the right headspace. For me personally, the housework gets put to one side in favour of getting artwork done, so just taking an hour to tidy and clean up really improves my mood and makes me feel a lot better!

Thank you for reading - I hope you can take something away from this to help you!


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