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I love labradors!

I grew up in the countryside of Derbyshire right in the Peak District. Most dogs came from the local farms so growing up everyone had labradors, spaniels, collies, jack russells and other similar dog breeds. This has left me with a real love of the countryside and countryside dog breeds.

Recently I was commissioned by a friend to draw her beautiful labrador, Zara. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this piece which I used coloured pencils on pastelmat. Pastelmat is a very odd surfact to draw on an still one I am learning - it's a bit like a very fine sandpaper! This allows you to add lots and lots of layers and so you can really build up the depth and subtle colours in the pet's coat. I loved exploring this while drawing Zara - using so many reddish colours, greys, pinks and a lot of green and purple for the shadows. It's always amazing what colours you find in a picture when you really start looking closely.

For the rest of the week I am having a little break from commissions (I have a secret commission of three dogs to start next week!) and have been working on a couple of other pieces. The first is a beautiful running hare that I was inspired to do while watching Springwatch. The second is a super cute drawing of a pair of donkeys that I am planning to enter in Brooke's Donkadoodle art competition. Brooke is a fantastic charity that supports working horses and donkeys across the globe.

Thank you for reading!

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