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Portraits, Portraits, Portraits!

I hope everyone here in the UK is surviving in this heat ok - it has been so insanely hot this week (well over 30C every day) and has been far too hot to go out and do anything. The plus side of this however is that I have got lots of drawing done! I completed two portraits this week, the beautiful Sam (above) and Maya and Bob (below). I love creating portraits of people's beloved pets and in particular I like to capture the character and personality of the pets I am drawing. I am so lucky that my portraits have been very popular and I am currently booked until March 2021!

I have also started the first drawing of my "Dogs!" series - a gorgrous German Shepherd puppy! I have also lined up a couple more breeds to draw - a beautiful Cocker Spaniel and the most stunning Otterhounds! I am so looking forward to drawing these. I am hoping to eventually have 12 dog breeds in the series and to create a calendar from the drawings. What do you think?

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