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Tameside apART Exhibition

What an exciting time it has been! Next week is my one year anniversary (check out my Facebook page for lots of fun stuff happening on the day!). This week also marks another significant anniversary here in the UK - one year since the start of the first lockdown due to COVID. This has been a hugely difficult time for so many people across the world. Many people took to learning and developing new skills, and arts and crafts featured so highly in this. Arts and crafts of all forms have such a fantastic mental health benefit. Tameside Libraries and Culture are holding an amazing exhibition - apART! I was lucky enough to have some of my work selected for this exhibition.

This wonderful exhibition features art and crafts from people across Tameside “celebrating the creativity people have embraced to keep themselves occupied and aid their wellbeing during the long months of restrictions”. Launched online on the anniversary of the first lockdown, the submissions are split into a variety of areas from animals and nature to local scenes and everything in between. With a little luck some of the arts and crafts on display will also be able to be seen in person later in the year at the wonderful Astley Cheetham Art Gallery in Stalybridge.

I would love if you would check out the wonder art and crafts on display on the online gallery (click the image below!) and keep an eye on my social media pages for updates on the Astley Cheetham Art Gallery Exhibition later this year!

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