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Thank you for joining me in the new home of my blog!

As you can probably tell by my frantic posting of blog posts all day - I have moved my blog from my previous site onto here so everything is in one place. Thank you for joing me at the new home of my blog!

So again this has been a crazily busy week so it is nice to sit down and spend a bit of time writing here. I finished another secret commission this week - although it isn't being gifted until Christmas so there will be quite a wait to see it! However, a secret commission I finished a couple of weeks ago has now been gifted so I can share the image - which is the featured image for this post. I hope you like it!

To continue my theme of farm animals (I never intended for that to be the theme it just kind of happened that way). I started working on a sheep, a Swaledale ram, yesterday. I love creating the course, curly texture of the wool on the sheep's face! The more I draw the more I think that creating texture is definately my 'thing'.

Finally there is some very exciting news from this afternoon - I recevied an email from Brooke Action for working Horses and Donkeys and I have been shortlisted for their Donkadoodle competition! I can't believe it as it was such a strong competition with amazing artwork. It has now gone to a public vote on their Facebook page to see who wins overall - so fingers crossed and I will keep you posted!

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