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Top 5 things I like to do (that aren't drawing!)

So of course I do spend an awful lot of time drawing, learning about drawing and planning more drawings! That all goes without saying as being part of the life of an artist - but there are also plenty of other things that I love to do in my spare time, so I thought that today I would share my top 5 things to do when I am not drawing.

5. Crafting

I love to make things - not just artwork. I have tried my hand at so many crafts over the years and have now amassed quite a hoard of craft items. I have a go at most crafts but my go to crafting is definately knitting and crochet - plus I have a spinning wheel in the lounge to make my own yarn.

4. Reading

I really enjoy reading and it something I always want to make more time for. I hope to do some book reviews here on my blog in the future. I read all sorts of different genres but I particularly like non fiction and fantasy books - Terry Pratchett is my all time favourite. I am currently reading "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" by Jackie Morris, although this is more for the beautiful artwork.

3. Horse Riding

Horses and horse riding have always been a huge part of my life from being gifted four riding lessons for my third birthday by my gran - and I haven't looked back since! I am lucky enough now to own my own, a lovely but very cheeky New Forest gelding called Diesel. At the moment he is just a general riding pony but I would love to get out competing in dressage and endurance.

2. Walking

As you have seen from previous posts I love to go walking with my boyfriend, Scott, and my dog, Jess. We try and get out for a good walk each weekend and enjoy exploring the moorland around where we live. We also like to go on holiday in the UK regularly and go walking several times a day when we go. Yorkshire is a favourite and we also love the Lake District and Wales. The featured photo for this post was taken this morning at a local country park.

1. Films and Gaming

Ok, ok - so I cheated slightly by bundling these two together for my top spot but there is a reason for that. I love watching movies in the horror, science-fiction and fantasy genres and these are very much the types of games that I enjoy to play. I especially like games with a really good ongoing story - so very much like a movie themselves. The last film I watched was "The Burrowers" a very underrated horror western and I am currently playing Skyrim on my Nintendo Switch.

Thank you for reading my post - I would love to hear about your hobbies in the comments!

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