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Using art to help

Charity is something very dear to my heart. Before becoming an artist I spent 16 years working in charities doing everything from admin work and finance to events and fundraising. I worked in animal charities (of course!), charities supporting the elderly and even a charity supporting people with addiction. This experience gave me a real insight into the effect that charities can have on people's lives and the difference they can make.

I also learnt during this time how difficult it is for a charity to survive and the importance of outside support for raising both awareness and funds. Now in my new career I really want to keep this idea going - so when possible I would very much like to help charites by helping to raise awareness and funds.

This month I completed "A Mother's Love" a beautiful giraffe mother and baby from a reference photo that I just fell in love with and had to draw. It really did make me fall in love with my drawing all over again and I would love to keep this one for myself. However, I drew this one for a special cause, Explorers Against Extinction's Sketch for Survival campaign.

Explorers Against Extinction's mission statement is simple: To promote the conservation of rare and endangered species and the protection of their environments. We also work on projects to advance the education of the public in the conservation issues around rare and endangered species and the threats to their environment and in helping local communities impacted by proximity to rare species benefit from their existence.

Every year they hold an art competition, free to enter, from which they select 100 pieces to display in a London art gallery. These pieces are then auctioned off to raise much needed funds for the projects that the charity supports. No artwork will be wasted, however, those submissions not selected for the tour/auction will go into the Sketch for Survival Art Gallery to be sold in aid of Explorers Against Extinction projects.

You can find out more about the competiton HERE

You can find artworks currently for sale HERE

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