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What I have been up to this week

What a week this has been!

This week has marked the beginning of my art venture properly as a new career for me. It is both an incredibly exciting time and also incredibly scary which I am sure that anyone who has started their own business can imagine!

I have spent most of the week setting things up - a new drawing space, social media, this blog of course. I think it is really important to have a seperate area to work on my art and to focus - away from my every day life in the rest of the house. So I set up a little art space in a corner of the bedroom (the bedroom having the most consistant light) with my old craft desk and a dining chair. I do have a craft room but that has long ago been taken over by my house rabbit and is now referred to as "Bunny's Bedroom".

I have been busy working on a couple of commissions this week - both for some lovely dogs. First is Rocky, the gorgeous Boxer dog from the top of this post. This drawing was unfortunately a memorial piece for a wonderful dog that I used to have the pleasure of sharing an office with when I worked as a fundraiser for a local animal sanctuary. I have also been working on a commission of a beautiful yellow Labrador - one of my all time favourite breeds - called Zara. A very different process to my drawing of Rocky, slowly building up layers and layers of smooth golden coloured fur.

Add to this another charity competition that I am very excited about for Brooke, who help working horses and donkeys around the world (you can find out more about their Donkadoodle competition HERE) and ordering my first ever prints which will be for sale very soon - fingers crossed - and it has been a busy week!

Phew! I am ready for a rest. Lets see what next week brings.

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