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Growing up in rural Derbyshire I have always had a love of nature, the countryside and animals. As a child we had farm animals, horses and many, many dogs - but horses were always my life. I could always be found at the stables or out and about on a pony!

My family were very creative and I was always encouraged to spend my time drawing and crafting (clearly I never lost that habit!). I would take my pencils and paper everywhere I went and would fill sketchbook after sketchbook of animals, plants and countryside drawings and paintings.

I now live at the edge of Manchester with my boyfriend, dog, cat, rabbit and horse. We are lucky to live right on the edge of a huge expanse of moorland and countryside and I love to explore and find beautiful places to get out into nature.

I love to take inspiration from the wild places and the wildlife around me for my drawings. I adore capturing farm animals and horses as well as people's beloved pets. Capturing the animal's personality and heart is so important to me.

I mostly work in coloured pencils but I also enjoy trying other mediums from time to time.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site - have a look around and please get in touch!

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Proud member of the Association of Animal Artists